Is Your Hair Becoming Dry After Applying Henna? Try These Hair Masks

As the lifestyle and food habits of people are changing with time, it is taking a huge dig at their health and beauty. Earlier, hair whitening was an ageing sign. Well, nowadays it has become quite common due to pollution, diet and lifestyle. This leaves us with no option but dye our hair. However, heavy chemical content in hair colours, not only makes our hair lose its strength and shine but is also harmful to our eyes and skin. In that case, henna or mehndi comes to our rescue. Along with giving beautiful colour to the hair, henna is also helpful in keeping it healthy. But you know that sometimes even applying mehndi causes dryness in the hair and this happens due to the low quality of henna. If you are also suffering from the problem of dryness and fizziness after applying mehndi on your hair, then opt for these simple ways to bring back the lustre of your hair.

Gooseberry or Amla

While preparing the henna paste, use a teaspoon of amla powder or gooseberry oil to keep your hair healthy. Amla is known for deep conditioning of hair which retains the softness and shine of your hair.

Yoghurt Pack

If you are suffering from the problem of dandruff along with dryness, then try using yogurt hair mask after colouring your hair with henna. Mix lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil in 1 bowl of curd and apply to the hair. After half an hour, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Banana Hair Mask

Nutrient-rich banana is also beneficial for hair. Make a thick paste by mixing aloe vera gel and hair oil with one mashed banana. Now, apply this paste to the hair after applying henna. Keep for half an hour and then, wash with a mild shampoo.

Egg Hair Mask

Egg is a great ingredient to make our hair look shiny. Make an egg hair mask using egg white, honey, lemon juice and vinegar and apply it to your hair. Keep for 20 minutes and later, wash it with water and shampoo. Your hair is smooth and silky like never before.