This Monsoon, Explore Magical Maldives on a Budget

Located in the Indian Ocean to the south of Sri Lanka, Maldives is made up of 1,192 coral islands. The island nation is well-known for its luxurious water villas, pristine lagoons, palm-fringed islands and immaculate white sand beaches. Impeccable beaches and turquoise waters with corals, reef sharks, and manta rays attract tourists from all over the world. Its underwater habitat best captures the unspoiled beauty of this archipelago. For city dwellers looking for a budget trip this monsoon, this island nation, is the ideal vacation spot.

The monsoon season for the nation begins in April and lasts through October. Pleasant weather with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius makes it easier to adapt and enjoy.

During the monsoon season, resorts go all out with discounts and packages to attract travellers, especially the ones on a tight budget. Just be sure you always have an umbrella handy because it can start to rain at any time.

Beaches and water sports go hand in hand and Maldives is no exception. Blessed with a beautiful coastline, it is the perfect spot for snorkeling, allowing one to dive deep into the open seas and explore marine life.

For a tourist, Maldives offers a distinct cuisine culture, one that is laden with fresh fruits, fish and seafood. A mesmerizing nation, it has a number of magnificent islands. One can explore all the islands as a single group. Try island hopping during the monsoon season.

‘So plan on it right now and live the best of the seasons on the island.